day ninety five

941. for tornado sirens this morning waking me up–not that there was actually a tornado or anything but like hooray for proof that they work well

942. for my sissy katie inspiring me to work harder and do things that matter

943. for the beautiful moments when stores are closing and everything is 90% off

944. for texts from my mom whenever there is bad weather or incidents–not sure how she knows more atlanta news than me but i’ll take it

945. for learning about victoria’s hilarious pranking skills

946. for nights when i lose poker really early and have time to squeeze in a movie–power rangers was everything my 8 year old self could’ve dream of in case any of you were wondering

947. for my super secret surprise gift for somebody being DONE–praise the lord.  not sure what i’m going to do with all of my free time now.

948. for nothing stopping andy’s bible study participation–she literally facetimed in and i love her for it

949. for finally finishing my taxes

950. for the beautiful pearls i got for my high school graduation


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