day ninety eight and ninety nine

971. for waking up shortly after when my alarm should’ve gone off–because whoops forgot to set that sucker

972. for my sister’s AMAZING roommates who were such a help and a blessing in getting katie’s bridal shower set up–would not have been able to do it without them

973. for managing to throw a successful bridal shower–my first one yet and everything went so well

974. for being able to face time my mother into the shower despite the whole flight fiasco–we were able to set her up with speakers and she was even able to participate in all of the games! we made the best of it for sure

975. for those same AMAZING roommates cleaning up once the party was over with such impressive speed and efficiency–i barely had to lift a finger.  what amazing women y’all.

976. for jenna helping me to realize that she’s not “optional”–i neeeeeeeeeed her in all my life decisions

977. for when tacos and barbecue become one–my belly was so happy. thank you taco mamacita.

978. for richard watching moana with me even though i fell asleep halfway through

979. for unintentionally creating a backdrop for some great photos at the bridal shower

980. for having a lot of leftovers from the shower in drinks & decor–lucky for me the bachelorette party is next weekend and boom i’m already almost done getting supplies for it

981. for my sister having the desired reaction of appreciation upon receiving her quilt–honestly unsure if my other sisters would ever fill my heart in that way

982. for times when SURPRISE church times were changed and now we got to eat an earlier lunch than planned–which was quite the blessing cause wow was i hungry

983. for finally finding time to treat myself to a nice manicure in the hectic-ness of life–they even gave me a massage for free so does it get any better

984. for living in such a walk-able city

985. for being able to serve my mother by helping her with her calculus class–if she didn’t have me, i’m not sure how she would mentally be handling that class…

986. for the rare occasions i manage to get erin on the phone with me

987. for days that start and end at starbucks

988. for richard’s newly married sis living a bit closer–all of the potluck dinners and double date nights are in our futures

989. for overnight shipping–so my long-distance mother can reasonably still try those macarons i slaved over

990. for long aimless walks with my love


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