day ninety six and ninety seven

(we are going to be playing catch up since these last few days were overwhelmingly busy…)

951. for my sister bree being on spring break this week–so i was able to use her in the casual sweatshop that became my kitchen

952. for finally finding a macaron recipe that worked–it took four tries and three hours…

953. for the batches that turned out well once we found a working recipe–because apparently making these was just so damn finicky, many batches still failed… would not recommend anyone trying to do this for a party.  trust me.

954. for bree washing so many dishes wow

955. for successfully spray painting things in my house without getting it on my coffee table or anything–also from not dying from the fumes…that was good

956. for gold spray paint–making anything and everything look so much more classy

957. for richard bringing me pizza hut because the sweatshop had taken over any ability to cook dinner

958. for having so many available sick days from work at my disposal

959. for kroger being open until 1am–handy for when i was running out of supplies in this all-night baking frenzy

960.for all of the people who helped me not have a baking-induced meltdown

961. for light days at work–perfect for multi tasking in this party planning frenzy.

962. for my dad’s costco membership–cause i don’t want to pay for that yo

963. for all the free samples at costco–fueling my fire

964. for not dying in the costco parking lot–it almost happened on multiple occasions.  it was like ww3 trying to park…

965. for when party planning is working out and the things are finally getting marked off of the to do list

966. for when party planning is NOT working out and i continue to learn that there is only so much that i can control

967. for all of the people that tried to help us find a way to get my mom to atl for my sister’s bridal shower after delta cancelled her flight–nothing managed to work out but the love was felt–thank you

968. for twitter being a wonderful medium where i can harass delta airlines for being a piece of crap– #NeverFlyDelta let’s make this happen y’all

969. for finishing the beautiful quilt i made my sissy for her bridal shower!!–it turned out so well and i’m so grateful to the people who helped me make it!

970. for group chats with girlfriends–who let me ramble and vent to my heart’s content because wow they’re the best


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