day one hundred

~wow, so it looks like i made it. getting feelsy for this last one because it feels like i have to end it on that kind of note.~

991. for redemption stories

992. for those ~haters~ who said i couldn’t do this–they kept me going all the more

993. for all of the ways God has allowed me to play a part in the lives of others–whether it is as a goofy friend, a mentor, a mentee, a companion, a sister, a daughter, a colleague….i’m in awe of all the lives i get to be a part of daily

994. for convictions–and sticking to them

995. for an intentional mentality that has allowed me to be in a perpetual state of awe whenever i look at the world around me

996. for the simple gift of being alive right now–may i have one more day, and then another, and then another…

997. for having the Lord constantly teaching me to rely on His grace and provision–as well as those around me for help and care-taking

998. for every person who read along with this, asked me how it was going, and encouraged me to keep on writing

999. for the way writing this list has shifted my heart and my perspective more than i could have ever imagined into gratitude

1000. for opportunities to build (metaphorical and physical) altars–in order to commemorate the beautiful and glorious things in our lives, whether they be out of pain or joy


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  1. You Did It: Congratulations!


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