~inspired by the book “one thousand gifts“~

so i never read the book (i really tried to and it was really just not my style) but i had the privilege to see the author ann voskamp speak about her story and its premise.

simply put, i was inspired by what she had to say.

she challenged us that listing out things we were grateful for would radically change our perspective on life and what we are going through–telling us to list everything from a fresh slice of pizza to our best friend to the things we haven’t experience good in yet but know will end fruitfully–and not to stop until we hit one thousand things.

it helped her to realize the goodness of the Lord in everything and helped her immeasurably in her anxiety.

plus it altered the way she looked at every single thing in her life as something to be grateful for–which is an area I drastically fall short in, being  quick to complain and grumble.

for the first one hundred days of this year i will write ten things i am grateful for, keeping a journal of my  emotional state along the way (which many of you know can be tumultuous…).

i’m looking for the Lord to fill my year with unexpected blessings and a peaceful heart.

and i believe this is what He is calling me to do.

i encourage everyone to follow along with me–starting out 2017 in a state of gratitude and thankfulness in everything, the good and the bad.

please don’t hesitate to share your own lists! i would love to read them.  i believe in my heart of hearts that this will bear fruit and bring glory to the goodness of God.  this isn’t a radical idea, but it’s an important one that we all seem to need reminding on.

i’m looking forward to the journey.